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The CHANGEpharmaceuticals™ Company was founded in Belgrade in 2014 as a “think tank” for the development of prevention technologies and nutritional and pharmaceutical products. Our leading idea is CHANGE – change in existing pharmaceutical practices, taking a different approach on existing health problems, and providing innovative solutions based on the latest scientific knowledge.

Our experts in medicine, public health and the pharmaceuticals work together with future users on the development of innovative technologies and products that will meet their needs.

CHANGEpharmaceuticals™ believes that the key to success lies in focusing on solving problems. That is why, in the process of production, quality control and the placement of products on the market, we rely on our partners who are leaders in the sector- thus strengthening cooperation within the sector itself, and raising standards of efficiency and quality to a higher level.

Our vision is faith in CHANGE and contribution to defining future directions of the prevention and treatment of diseases. We are committed to meeting the highest standards in production and marketing.

Our founders and Team


Mr. Stojan Linta, BSc (Econ), UK

Over 30 years of experience in managing and leading companies in the UK, Cyprus and the region of south-east Europe.


Founder and General Manager

Dr. Dragoslav Popović, Serbia

Over 25 years of experience in public health and nutrition projects in more than 20 countries worldwide. He is the author of many scientific papers and publications.


Our Team

Our multi-disciplinary team is gathered around the same vision – to assist in enabling the health status of certain groups of the population to CHANGE for the better. CHANGEpharmaceuticals™ brings together experts from different countries and from different sectors (medicine, public health, pharmacy, pharmacology, psychology).

All members of our team move outside the traditional framework of their professions through constant communication with the consumers of our products, achieve a different point of view and a faster reaction to complex health issues.

This interaction leads to more effective responses to the challenges confronting health protection today. CHANGEpharmaceuticals™ is thus in a position to tackle these challenges more effectively than others.

Our Mission

CHANGEpharmaceuticals™ believes:

  • That the key to success lies in better understanding the needs of our consumers, which is possible only through enhanced interaction with them.
  • Through our work and innovation, we can contribute to CHANGE in the traditional role of the pharmaceutical sector in this country and the surrounding region.
  • That the public and private sectors together can CHANGE their attitude towards people’s health needs.

Our mission is dedicated to:

  • Advancing healthy lifestyles and reducing the damage caused by behavior which brings risks to health.
  • Creating new, safe and efficient products aimed at prevention and for the improvement of people’s health.
  • Achieving the highest standards in development, production and marketing of our products.

Our main goals are:

  • To establish a relationship of trust with our consumers in order to better understand their needs, and respond better to their requirements.
  • To monitor the effects of our products on people’s health and constantly improve, based on feedback from our consumers, scientific evidence and our own analysis and research.
  • To establish and achieve the highest standards in the production of nutritional supplements and other pharmaceutical products beneficial to people’s health, and to continually test and enhance those standards.

Scientific basis

The CHANGEpharmaceuticals™ Company is dedicated to creating evidence-based products in order to respond to the needs of people whose state of health may be compromised by certain risky behavior.

Through its own research, CHANGEpharmaceuticals™ monitors the health and other habits and behavior patterns of the population. Based on the results obtained, our experts adapt and customize the products to the respective clients’ needs.

During the entire production cycle – from an idea to product’s life on the market- CHANGEpharmaceuticals™ consults consumers about their needs and everything to do with the product. In this way our customers become our partners and advisers.

The CHANGEpharmaceuticals™ Company believes that transparent and timely information exchange with our consumers builds foundations of our partnerships.


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