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The problem

Smoking is harmful for health. Science has proved a direct link between smoking, changes in metabolism, disease and death. Smoking leaves behind serious and long-term health effects – which can be completely prevented only by quitting smoking.

Scientific basis

CHANGEpharmacueticals™ deals with the analysis of existing studies on the impact of smoking on health, as well as with assessing the success of public health measures undertaken against smoking.

Analyses were focused on oxidative stress in smokers, which increases the risk of chronic malignant diseases that adversely affects the quality of life.

Special attention was paid to the processes that lead to reduced concentrations of micronutrients in blood serum of smokers, especially concentrations of important antioxidants such as vitamins A, C , E, and selenium as well as the consequences on the health of smokers caused by deficit of those micronutrients.

Specific dietary habits of smokers were taken into account, as well as the proven high needs in micronutrients in smokers, necessary to compensate for the damage caused by smoking (e.g. smokers spend 40% more Vitamin C than non-smokers). At the same time, in an effort to free cyanide and heavy metals entered by smoking, the body of smokers increased excretion of vitamin B12 because of its similar metabolism as cyanide.

The analysis of inflammatory changes in smokers that lead to either increased consumption or reduced resorbtion of certain micronutrients was of high importance in the scientific research.
These inflammatory changes are particularly detrimental for arterial walls and other tissues and lead to accelerated atherosclerosis or malignant changes of tissues.

The challenge

After quitting smoking, some of the endangered vital functions in smokers – such as accelerated heart rate – can return to normal values in half an hour after cessation of smoking. However, it is necessary to wait 2-12 weeks to get the blood circulation in smokers to almost normal state, while even decades are needed to reduce the risk of heart attack or lung cancer in former smokers to half the risk in nonsmokers.

Some negative effects of smoking on people’s health are unfortunately permanent and irrecoverable. Despite widely available information about hazards of smoking, smokers tend to delay a decision on termination of smoking and thus continue to expose themselves and others in their surroundings to harmful effects of tobacco smoke. The situation in Serbia is critical – currently every third inhabitant of Serbia is a smoker (38% men and 32% women), which directly threatens their health and the health of people around them.

A step towards solution

Thus based on the same analysis, CHANGEpharmacueticals™ developed NutriRette® – a product intended for harm reduction from smoking. NutriRette® contains vitamins A, B12, C, D, E, folic acid and selenium as well as the essential amino acid – Taurin.

NutriRette® active ingredients contribute to the normal physiological function, reduce fatigue and exhaustion, contribute to the normal metabolism of energy production and regulation, and in maintaining a balance of water and mineral salts in the body.

NutriRette® main advantage is that it allows smokers to take an immediate action and start working for the benefit of their health. NutriRette® user increases his/her chances for faster and more complete recovery of the body after smoking cessation.

NutriRette® is packed in boxes of 30 capsules each. One NutriRette® gelatin capsule contains 9.3% of fat, 46.4% of proteins, 38.0% of carbohydrates; energy value of capsules is 0,34 grams of 6.1 / 1.4 kJ / kcal. Energy value per 100 g (kJ / 1780/422 kcal). It contains no caffeine, additives, sugars, no artificial sweeteners.


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