NutriRette®, capsules

Dietary product – food supplement

Packaging: 30 capsules

Intended Use: For smokers.

CHANGEpharmacueticals developed NutriRette® – a product intended for harm reduction from smoking. NutriRette® contains vitamins A, B12, C, D, E, folic acid and selenium as well as the essential amino acid Taurin.

NutriRette® active ingredients contribute to the normal physiological function, reduce fatigue and exhaustion, contribute to the normal metabolism of energy production and regulation, and in maintaining a balance of water and mineral salts in the body.

NutriRette® main advantage is that it allows smokers to take an immediate action and start working for the benefit of their health. NutriRette® user increases his/her chances for faster and more complete recovery of the body after smoking cessation.

NutriRette® is packed in boxes of 30 capsules each. One NutriRette® gelatin capsule contains 9.3% of fat, 46.4% of proteins, 38.0% of carbohydrates; energy value of capsules is 0,34grams of 6.1 / 1.4 kJ / kcal. Energy value per 100 g (kJ / 1780/422 kcal). It contains no caffeine, additives, sugars, no artificial sweeteners.


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